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Maui Memories

We are fortunate to include Maui Memories as a new addition to the Pioneer Inn. Dany White's vision of supporting local businesses has culminated in a store full of nice mementos and fashionable items not easily found in one place in Hawaii. The visitor or kama'aina will find upscale souvenirs, artwork, jewelry and clothing with a focus on Made-on-Maui items. Items for sale include photographs from Randy Jay Braun and other artists. The store features jewelry, quality shirts, dresses, and a potpourri of fragrant lotions and candles that contain essences of the Maui flora. Maui Memories embodies the spirit of hula and the island. The store is ever evolving with new found local talent.

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Hotel & Restaurant: Maui Venture, d/b/a Best Western Pioneer Inn

Units #1, #2 Á #3: Whaler's General Store

Units #4 and 5: Maui Memories

Unit #6: Leola's of Hawaii

Units #7 and 8: Maui Toy Works

Unit #9: Island Treasures

Unit #10: Banyan Treats

Unit #11: Atlantis Submarines/Adventures

Units #12 & 13: Paradise Sportswear (Original Red Dirt Shirts)

Units #13A & 13B: Bad Ass Coffee Co., of Maui

Units #14, 15, & 16: Maui Paradise Lahaina

Units #17 & 18: Maui Divers

On the sidewalk at the corner of Front and Hotel Streets and moving toward the planters, we have the following sidewalk tenants:

Island Woodcarving Corner of Front & Hotel Streets

Tickets for Less - 1st gazebo

Lahaina Henna - 2nd gazebo

Trained Parrots Corner of Front & Papekelane Streets