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Banyan Treats is the proverbial “corner ice cream store” at the Pioneer Inn, across from the historical Banyan Tree. While Banyan Treats was established in 2013, there is a long history of sweet refreshing ice cream emanating out of this shop location. Banyan Treats is currently operated owned and operated by Reese and Jen Coldagelli who consistently dole out pleasure to tourists and locals alike. The ice cream served is historical in context as well. Roselani has been made on Maui since 1932 and you’ll not find a tastier cone. Come visit Reese and Jen in the happy atmosphere of Banyan Treats in Lahaina where history abounds. While you’re there, look for Mo’o, the lucky guardian Gecko, who loves the frozen yogurt concoctions and shaved ice. Sit, lick and enjoy the Banyan Tree Park from the corner of Front Street and Hotel Street and at the crossroads of history.

Look for the book signing and Gecko houses as featured in Mo’o Wants Ice Cream by Lisa Downey this Halloween Weekend. The keiki will love the fun.


A Unique Shopping Experience in Lahaina, Maui

This old whaler's inn and shopping promenade situated between the Wharf and Front Street is the focal point of the Lahaina Historical District. The Shops at Pioneer Inn house 16 of the most unique and respected stores and merchants on Front Street.

For Available Units - Call Kelly @ 805-451-6027

Atlantis Adventures offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cruise the Lahaina Bay underwater and enjoy the coral and marine life. Purchase informal and stylish aloha attire at Paradise Lahaina, Island Treasures, Leola of Hawaii, or Maui Special Designs. Enjoy refreshing ice cream and cookies from Hula Cookies and Ice Cream or have coffee at Bad Ass Coffee Company. Peruse Maui Divers' world famous jewelry featuring black pearls and other native stones . See local ceramic flora or watch the woodcarver transform a piece of wood into a tiki statue at Island Woodcarvers. The Whaler's General Store, as its name implies, offers souvenirs and any item a traveler might need. Take home a photograph of your family with the trained parrots on Front Street as another memento of your vacation. At Activities Outlet, you can purchase tickets for all recreational island activities.

Visit the charming, turn-of-the-century Pioneer Inn Grille and Bar on the Harbor across from the famous Banyan Tree. Absorb the history on the walls as you enjoy a mix of American and Hawaiian cuisine featuring fresh catch of the day and local ingredients. The romantic courtyard reserved for private functions and weddings - is the best-kept secret in Lahaina. Whether it is the oceanscape, the tropical breeze, or the ambiance of the 121-year old Pioneer Inn, you will be reminded of the special beauty and rich history of Hawaii.